Multiculturalism In Australia In The 1950's

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Multiculturalism has emerged significantly in Australian popular culture since the 1950’s and has evolved over time through food and travel to contribute to the modern Australian identity. The term multiculturalism is defined as the existence, acceptance, or promotion of multiple cultural traditions within a single society, as a state, nation or country. Immigrants looking to find better lives started arriving in Australia between 1947-1963 brining new foods and customs. These foods from different cuisines became a major part of Australian culture during the late 1900’s with many different types becoming available throughout the country. Travel also changed within Australia with the improvement of planes and boats, and the decreasing prices making travelling overseas very cheap and affordable.…show more content…
They brought with them food from their countries such as zucchinis, capsicum, eggplants, globe artichokes and the previously maligned garlic. At this time meat production still relied on grazing, meaning that many people ate mostly pork, beef and lamb. The Australian household contained many packaged and tinned goods as there were no fridges and freezers to store fresh produce in the local grocers. Meals in Australia were based around the meat ingredients and contained plenty vegetables and fruit bought and grown in the garden, with unsliced bread thickly spread with butter accompanying every meal. There were no takeaways or frozen dinners available during this time period and families rarely went out to eat at the Chinese or fish and chip shops. Meals during the 1980’s had drastically changed within Australia, as advertising for different foods came on television making it extremely popular within families. Home cooked meals were scare during this time as many people chose to eat out at the many different restaurants available to them such as Indian, Mexican, Greek, Thai and Italian. Fast food outlets advertised from

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