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The Life of Gwendolyn Brooks Throughout the history of our nation African Americans have had the injustice of having to undergo cruel and harsh treatment. Author and poet Gwendolyn Elizabeth Brooks advocates the awareness of these cruel happenings through her many literary works. Through these works Brooks describes the racial prejudice blacks were forced to endure. She also illustrates the struggle they faced in daily life and elaborates on the societal growth that African Americans have had as a people. Gwendolyn Brooks was born June 7, 1917, this year happens to be the same year the United States had been thrust into World War I which lasted through the first six years of her life. Brooks was born in Topeka Kansas but six short months after her birth her family moved to Chicago, Illinois during the Great Migration. Her father, a janitor, David Anderson Brooks and her mother, a school teacher and trained pianist, Keziah Corine Wims were both very supportive of their daughters’ passion…show more content…
This prize is an annually given prize that can also be won for letters, drama, and music. She received this award for her second published poetry book Annie Allen which was published two years prior to receiving the award. Following this award she continued to win numerous awards, fellowships, and honorary degrees for the same poetry book. Brooks admiration for reading and writing was truly a passion. In her later years she began mentoring up and coming young African American poets including her son’s fiancé Kathleen Hardiman, who today is known as anthropologist Kathleen Rand Reed, in writing poetry. One week before Brooks death she was diagnosed with cancer. This was detected much too late to have saved her life due to the strong doubt she had always had in medicine. Brooks passed away at the age of 83 on December 3, 2000 after her abrupt battle with

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