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Summary The article “On a New Schedule: Transitions to Adulthood and Family Change” by Frank Furstenberg Jr. reports on the transition from young adulthood to independence and its evolution across the decades. Furstenberg claims that multiple factors have influenced a decreased rate at which young adults make the conversion to living on their own. Furthermore, he describes how the act of co-residency has gained increased momentum since the 1970s. Furstenberg explains how in order for young adults to make the complete shift to adulthood, they must first secure financial economic and educational stability. Furthermore, he argues that in order for one to be solely independent in today’s society, it is imperative to have an advanced education…show more content…
Consequently, he cites the weaknesses both have in this respect and how they must be addressed. In short, the article “On a New Schedule: Transitions to Adulthood and Family Change concludes by emphazsing the impact this shift is having on the family unit. Ultimately, due the underdeveloped welfare system in our nation, young adults and their families struggle on this journey toward full independence. Section II How the Article Relates to Course Outcomes The topics discussed in the research article “On a New Schedule: Transitions to Adulthood and Family change relate to a few specific course outcomes. One course outcome the themes in this article relate is number five which pertains to having a solid understanding of the stressors that the modern American family faces in society today. An example from article that pertains to this outcome is how co-residency has become a common practice in recent decades. Co-residency is best defined as adult offspring living in the same…show more content…
Each concept discussed offers a clearer picture at the evolving times. In the article, Furstenberg discusses a transitory movement from maintenance and basic skills jobs to occupations that require increased skill and education. This topic is also explored in our textbook when it talks about how a greater emphasis has been place on cognitive dexterity over physical capabilities which is recognized in how machines are being used for the jobs people used to do. Eitzen, Wells, and Zinn (2015) verify this by

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