Fetal Pig Dissection: Lab Experiment

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(Grade: / ) Title: Pig Dissection By:Hunter Marshall & Kevin Huveldt Fetal Pig Lab Introduction: Day 1 Date: 5/1/15 Objective: The objectives of today were to get our pigs and look at the outsides or external, features on the pig. The Pig was quite unlike anything I have seen before, and I good feeling to see our pig that we will be working on for the next five days. We were left to do our labs by yourself and not have very many instructions, but I think that we are expected to do this lab by ourselves because we are in Honors Bio. Principles: Pigs, one of the most similar animals to humans, have been used to inform and teach about the circulatory, respiratory, and digestive system through a procedure called…show more content…
Historically, dissection has been the principal tool of investigation for anatomists. Dissection allows people to test the truthfulness of what they see in books and what we would see if we were to dissect a human. Dissection engages students in observational and kinesthetic learning that instills a recognition an appreciation for the three dimensional structure of the animal body, the interconnections between organs and organ systems, and the uniqueness of biological material. Dissection impresses on students the normal variation that is present in the natural world. No two fetal pigs, even though they are perfectly normal, will look exactly the same. In fact, to do well on practicals. Occasionally, quite significant anatomical variations will be noticed. Most would function perfectly normally. This fact makes the pigs close to humans and easy to…show more content…
Another main goal was to fully skin the pig and leave no skin left on the torso area. This will increase our view of the internal systems of the pig. Principles: Today's principles include looking and observing the organ systems we learned about in the last few weeks of Honors Biology. We observed the Respiratory system and the Digestive and got a hands on view of both. The respiratory system includes the lungs and the heart. The heart has four main sections, the left atrium, and ventricle, and the right atrium, and ventricle. The digestive system includes both the small and large intestine as well the liver and stomach. Procedure: 1. Gather safety equipment (goggles and apron) 2. Place safety equipment on 3. gather the Pig from Mr. Deckers 4. take the pig and place him in the dissection tray 5. Tie the pig's legs to the each other by going right leg under the dissecting tray and coming out on the other leg and tieing the left

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