How Did Agent Orange Affect Vietnam

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The Effect of Agent Orange of the Vietnam War Many say it is the first war the United States of America has ever lost, but not before they left a legacy of infinite destruction. The Vietnam War was fought between the Communistic Northern Vietnam and the anti-communistic Southern Vietnam from November 1, 1955 to April 30, 1975, with the United States being the primary supporter of the South. Worried about the Viet Cong’s style of guerrilla fighting tactics, such as hidden traps and miles of underground tunnels throughout the dense jungles that covered much of Vietnam, and hindered visibility, the U.S turned to Agent Orange, a chemical that would change the lives of millions. Many chemicals were used, but Agent Orange was used the most. Other chemicals included Agent Pink, Agent Purple, Agent Blue, and Agent White (Trueman). Agent Orange was a huge influence on the environment and people of Vietnam because it caused lasting harm to the land of Vietnam, it caused harm to people that lived there during the time of the war, and it destroyed much of the forest and trees in Vietnam (Agent).…show more content…
The reasoning behind destroying the forest was that the U.S. could see military bases and any enemy movement from the sky, thus giving them an advantage over the Viet Cong. Since the Vietnamese did not have much of an air force the U.S. virtually had full control over the air space (Vietnam). Once sprayed, this chemical lingers for a period of time. Also, Agent Orange lasted one to three years on the plants and tree in the jungles. Furthermore, much of the jungles were sprayed more than once, despite the fact that some of the plants died after just one spraying

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