Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Thesis Statement Outline

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Attention Getter: "Basically I thought I was having a stroke last week. I really, really thought I was. It was 2:30 in the morning and I woke up and my hand started to go numb. The whole entire thing went numb”- Jessica Alba on the Jimmy Kimmel show Thesis Statement: Perhaps some people are able to tell where Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs in the body, but are not really aware of the causes, symptoms and treatments. Credibility Statement: During my freshman year of college, I developed CTS in my right hand, which I have been treating by simple splinting. Preview: I want to take this opportunity today to educate you about CTS, it’s causes and how it is treated. Body: I. In order to comprehend the causes of CTS, let’s start with what CTS really is and its effect on the human body. A.…show more content…
There are a few symptoms that correlate with CTS, ranging from mild to severe that should never be ignored. 1. According to the article “You can Get a Grip on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” published in the Chicago Tribune, found on the Proquest database, Dr. Gary Kronen of MidAmerica Hand to Shoulder Clinic, board-certified hand and plastic surgeon says “Numbness is the hallmark… People with carpal tunnel syndrome first notice tingling or numbness- especially at night. Sometimes the tingling or pain may radiate up the forearm and even into the shoulder.” 2. The medical diagnosis of CTS can be found in two main ways: a. According to the article “Pain, numbness are signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” published in the Pittsburgh Post, found on the Proquest database, first a medical history is taken and an examination is conducted. b. Second, a nerve conduction test to analyze the flow of signals through the median nerve to find out if the signals are slowed. Internal Summary/ Preview: Now that we have discussed the definition of CTS and its symptoms, let’s carry on with its causes. II. In order to understand the causes of CTS, let’s take a look at what we do in our daily lives that can result in

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