The Most Powerful Handbags

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Hollywood Celebrities, socialites, even from the Queen of England herself. They would be captured using the finest and most luxurious hand bags in the world. Made by the finest designers and luxury brands, these handbags can only be seen in photographs, (unless you can actually afford it) that are worn by notable people. Almost every single woman in this modern world carry a bag, that is why bags are one of the most common fashion accessory a woman can wear, and on this article, we will be talking about all these luxurious bags’ different qualities, colors, styles, and of course, their out of this world prices. So here are a couple of the most luxurious bags in the world today. HANDBAG ORIGIN During the 17th centuries, handbags were only…show more content…
This bag was actually made by not just one but 10 professional artist and they are only requires to finish it within 8800 hours, for just a single bag. This purse actually costs $3.8 million, yes it may be more expensive than your house. It is a heart-shaped bag that is covered with 18k gold that is surrounded by 4,356 colorless diamonds, 105 yellow diamonds, and 56 pink diamonds. It is indeed extremely fancy. HERMES BIRKIN BAG BY GINZA TANAKA $1.9…show more content…
Chanel has been around for years, and it still mesmerizes everyone with its collection. One of them stands out though, and it is the “Diamond Forever” bag. It was once considered to be the most expensive one there is, simply because it is made of crocodile skin and is surrounded by sparkling white gold and diamonds. The bag’s strap is even made with pure white gold, which makes it even more expensive with the price of $261,000. They unfortunately only made 13 bags available in the world and 5 of them can be found in the United States of

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