Trident Gum Mythology

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Throughout the world there are many illusions that surround our everyday lives, including the names of capitalist businesses. Each day we chew Trident Gum or drink a Starbucks coffee, but the process of how the company's name originated never runs through our minds as we taste the minty sensation. When buying a coffee whilst in a hurry, people generally never have time to take notice in particular things, such as the mythological symbolism in the logo their hand is covering. Mythological gods and their attributes are present in a vast majority of companies, but their names are often misleading. Trident gum has been a favorite by many since 1960, when it was founded by the American Chicle Company (Old Time Candy). The company changed the…show more content…
The company promoted these enzymes as beneficial to dental hygiene with their slogan, "The Great Taste that Is Good for Your Teeth" (Trident (gum)), causing for people to consume more of it. The company named the gum after these three enzymes, Tri for the amount and -dent for their relation to dental health. Trident gum was then produced on a mass level with new favors, such as Trident Splash and Trident Layers, and slogans regenerating almost every decade. To many English students and mythologists alike, the name Trident is associated with the the symbol of Poseidon. Resembling his powerful brother Zeus in every aspect, aside from unkempt hair in some depictions, Poseidon is solely differentiated from his brother through the trident he forever carries. The gum name relates to the trident because it has a "piercing"…show more content…
Gillette in 1901 (Gillette (brand)). Originally the business only produced men's safety razors; however, as decades past, the company began to produce for both genders. One of Gillette's razor models, Venus, created in 2001 (Gillette Venus), is made specifically for women. Venus, most commonly known as Aphrodite, was the goddess of love and extraordinary beauty. She was born from sea foam and the castration of Uranus. According to the Gillette Venus website, a recent study proved that women generally shave in order to fell better about themselves and to express their femininity, releasing their inner Aphrodite. The company also states; however, that although "there's a Goddess in every woman [...] who that Goddess is can be totally up to you" (Gillette Venus). The brand also has several models of the Venus razor so that the product is suitable for anyone, symbolizing that Aphrodite was appealing and suitable to all men. The company's mission statement is for a women to feel like a goddess, making the name Venus highly suitable for the product. Although the company's main reason for naming the razor models Venus was to embrace the beauty within women, the name also refers to something more gruesome. Venus was born from the Castration of Uranus, which involved blades in order for the event to take place. Just as a razor is composed of blades, Venus was created after blades were used. Even

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