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Youzhong Xing Introduction: A Spanish industrial designer Patricia Urquiola has become the most famous female industrial designer in her field. Urquiola`s choice draw near to product design and have an influence by architecture has established her as a lead figures in contemporary design. Her design include interior design, furniture design, decor design and even rug design, both indoor and outdoor. She provides feminine sensibility and sensuality in macho field. Like she said about her work “It’s like a journey. You know where you start, but never where you’ll end up”. Patricia Urquiola talks quick, thinks quick and works quick. This Spanish woman has become one of the most procreative designers of the 21 century. Because her material, design style, color…show more content…
Urquiola has brought embroidery, sewing, crochet, and knitting back to industrial design trend. Everyone working in her studio including the males has to learn to use them. Not only just add unnecessary or banal feminine decorations to her works but to give them a skin that is configurational, not just a final product. Worked out by experiment and mistakes, this is what gives her projects substance. About people think her work is feminine, Urquiola emphasized in an interview with Elle Decor,” People often say that sensuality and sensitivity are feminine qualities, but they are not gender specific. They are individual qualities. Tord Boontje is more sensual than I am. Where women are different from men is that women are more flexible, adaptable, and able to multitask. We have to be to survive, and those two qualities—flexibility and adaptability—I like a lot in design.” Patricia Urquiola`s design often take years to perfect, the female freshness they reflect is something she holds an idea and doesn’t consider troubles or debasing, but extremely relevant and worthy. Nevertheless, this is a valuable attitude she inherited from Achille Castiglioni. However, it is mostly

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