Twelve Angry Men

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In the film of the twelve angry men there were twelve men with diverse backgrounds that are sequestered in a room and are unable to leave until a decision, a weighty one is made that will either condemn a young man to death or set him free. The twelve strangers are bound to each other, trapped within the confines of four immovable walls, until the goal is achieved. Furthermore, the scope of the play expands to become about how people come to decisions. Each individual with their own personality and opinion have to work together to achieve the designated task by reasoning, testmorities, evidents, and facts that are giving. As the men work together by deliverablate upon many reasonable doubts and concerns of the trail to complete a specific task…show more content…
There is a feeling out stage where there is a battle for control in the effect to reach a goal. This stage represents the forming part of the development stages where they joined together for a specific task and then admittedly distinguish themselves by voicing their own outlook of the case. The twelve men all had different opinions due to the evidents that were presented and the witnesses that testified, one juror questioned all the evidents that had been presented. This behavior of the man started a conflict and quickly helped them recognized the types of behaviors they were accompanied…show more content…
This logic identified with each individual and gave way to the path in which they were expected to follow in the beginning by having their own way of thinking. This stage is the norming stage of the firm when they identified each individual reason for their vote displaying who they are and then regardless of certain behaviors they still relied on their own reasoning. Performing Stage The first votes had been taking in majority ruled guilty all except one pleading not guilty, the twelve men then had to argue their reasoning for their verdict helping each person understand their role and the effect of their actions that may cause an innocent boy to be executed basic on their judgment of the case. Within that situation the performing stage is illustrated. The structure of the group has been establish and each person has accepted their role in the task that is given. Adjourning

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