The Jung Typology Test

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Overall I am pleased with my results from the Jung Typology Test (Humanmetrics Inc., 1998-2015). As stated in the PowerPoint presentation “there are many OB challenges and opportunities for managers today.” (Robbins & Judge, 2009). We as managers need to harness the positives of our worker’s personalities while working with the negative aspects of those very same personalities and how to mesh personalities of all types. Dealing with personalities of all types takes patience as well as observation. Getting to know your peers, subordinates and supervisors assists in overall cohesion of an organization. I have personally learned that my extravert personality more often than not does not fit with someone that is more of an introvert because I may…show more content…
I have made a quite a bit of enemies over the nineteen years that I have been in the military. Of course as a young soldier I never would think about saying something I shouldn’t but because of experience and my ability to be blunt I have raised a few eyebrows. My intentions are almost always good but sometimes I believe that people just need to be put in their place. Making my opinions known has been key to my rise through the military ranks. I feel that in every position that I have held I bring a new aspect or angle to the table. I’m not afraid to make myself look like a fool for interjecting my ideas due to the fact that a lot of time, I believe, that I have brought something fresh to the topic of discussion. Trust me I have made a fool of myself at times but the amounts of times I received positive feedback compared to negative feedback is staggering. Interesting personal application…show more content…
What I didn’t know was how that affects those that I work with and how what I thought was a positive personality type can turn into a negative personality type depending on the situation I am in at my workplace. Being aware of other personality types and how they contradict mine can allow me to be a flexible peer and leader. Question Two I have particularly learned that I need to not trust my “gut” all the time. Sometimes I need to take a step or two back and analyze the situation rather than going with my instincts which have gotten me into trouble. I also have learned that my willingness to please people at my own expense is neither healthy for my wellbeing or that of the

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