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DBQ In 1700s there were two distinct societies in the new world, the Chesapeake and New England. The Chesapeake colonies made most of their money from the cash crop tobacco, but when it came to political and religious matters Virginia (a Chesapeake colony) differed greatly from New England colonies. The English church was the same as the one in England, which meant taxpayers paid for the support of the church even if they were not Anglicans. This mattered little to church members since a lack of clergy men, the body of people ordained for religious service, and few churches kept many Virginians from attending church. So religion was definitely a secondary concern in the Chesapeake colonies. Now the New England colonies were almost…show more content…
In the Chesapeake colony there were some “battles” that were fought, either between another country or in there colony. What I mean by this that Virginia had to defend against the Dutch and there was also a rebellion called bacon’s rebellion. In document F, it is stated that the Virginia colony had the inability to defend against a Dutch attack. They engaged in this battle because they thought it was there duty set by their declaration. Now Bacon’s rebellion was led by indentured servants. They rebelled against the colonies because they knew their rights and new that they were not being treated how they were supposed to be treated, so they rebelled. The Chesapeake colonies learned from this and found out that they want people to do their labor they couldn’t have any knowledge of their rights or else they would rebel. So they went to Africa and got black slaves since they had no knowledge of what rights they should have, the colonists traded weapons for slaves with the African people, the African people captured the slaves themselves. But after Bacon’s rebellion there was a kind of court trial held to justify the rebellion against the Virginia Governor Berkeley. (Document
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