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Leadership Assessment John Maxwell said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Being a leader whether within an organization or not, one must possess certain qualities or attributes to succeed. An individual in such a position is relied upon not only to lead a group of people but to encourage, assist, and motivate etc. leaders must also develop positive relationships, respect, and trust with their employees, by doing so leaders develop a stable foundation with staffs and upper management. A leader must lead by example, not only in being knowledgeable about the job but also by possessing leadership skills and people skills needed to assist employees and the survival of the organization. Peter Drucker once said,…show more content…
The results were ENFJ, which means Extravert Intuitive Feeling and Judging. Individuals that fall into this category possess the following strengths, they are open-minded, trustworthy, captivating, philanthropic, and are born leaders. The Emotional IQ assessment results explained that said individual can distinguish emotions of self-based on the physical signals received from their body. Communication Skills assessment results were excellent. Self-Esteem Quiz results indicated that rejection is not an issue, that self-acceptance is a plus and that another’s perception does not define oneself. Are you a leader test results given was a tyrant. Assessment of Leadership Skills was exceptional, that the greatness of a leader is not out of reach, however, there is still room for improvements in transformational leadership, unlike personal characteristics which were scored higher. Finally, Leadership Style assessment results was a steward, employees who possess this leadership style are said to be the foundation of the organization. They are responsible, trustworthy, and beneficial to the corporation. Stewards offer a lot to an organization especially in situations that arise and may be a serious impact on the…show more content…
People skills are a way individuals interact with one another, such as the ability to communicate, lead and advance in the company. Good people skills are needed for any leadership position, one cannot just lead without being able to respect and relate to others. Displaying patience is another people skill for a leader, and the ability to trust is important. For tasks, may not be completed on time or at all if trust is not established with employee’s lack of cooperation may unfold. This leader lacks and needs a few people skills such as; being able to relate to others, communication skills, listening skills, trust, being open minded and being supportive as well as motivating his employees. Poor people skills affect a business in several ways, a company cannot grow, survive or succeed without proper people skills. Our great nation would not be surviving without leaders who at least possess some people skills. A society could not exist if it did not have people skills, professors would not be able to perform and deliver vital lessons to students if they had no people skills. The point is whether, in the business world, social or personal life, people skills are vital for survival. (“How do I Improve People Skills at Work?” , 2017) states ways to improve people

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