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Different Cutting Processes: Cutting is a machining process that makes parts through the use of a single- or multi-point tool and machine tools. It also turns raw materials into finished parts [15]. Cutting processes have very good accuracy. It produces unique parts that no other metal processes can produce and is perfect for any batch size, thus making the processes economical [15]. Cutting processes, however, create a large amount of waste and if it is not done correctly, parts and tools may be damaged [15]. Cutting processes include: sawing, turning, threading and grooving, boring, milling, drilling, reaming, tapping and broaching [1]. [22] Most of the processes below are examples of cutting. Milling Process: Milling is a material removal…show more content…
The four types of welding are: Stick, MIG, TIG and Flux-Cored arc welding [13]. Stick welding or Shielded Metal Arc Welding uses an electrode, coated with a mixture of chemicals or flux, to carry the electric current and provide the most of the weld metal for the welding [12]. One taps the tip of the electrode against the workpiece which causes an electric arc to start. Because of the high temperature generated by tapping, a molten pool is instantly produced. The end of the electrode melts into this pool and forms the joint with the workpiece [14]. The advantages of stick welding is that it has a low cost, it is portable and it works on all types of metal – dirty and rusty metal included [13]. Stick welding, however, produces waste, it is difficult to use on thing materials and skill is required by the operator in order to use a welding machine [13]. MIG or Gas Metal Arc Welding is a process where a solid wire electrode and inert gas is continuously fed through a tube (welding gun) [12]. The same process as stick welding occurs where an arc is struck resulting in a weld pool [13]. This process is commonly used on steels and
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