Radical Criminological Perspectives Of Crime

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Criminological Perspectives of Crime The acclaimed book Crime, Power, and Identity insightfully highlight the effect of crime activities with regards to history, culture, gender, race and class. In order to understand the effect of crime in the society, it is important to analyze the various social-structures forces that influence criminals to commit a crime. One of the social-structures forces that the influences criminality is opportunity. In Radical criminology, the generic concept of opportunity is perceived to be a major factor influencing criminal activities because an individual cannot steal something that is non-existence (Lynch, 2000). Therefore, the presence of an item to steal presents an opportunity for a thief to take it without…show more content…
Some of the causes of crime include opportunity, power, gender and identity. The understanding of justice and crime on class, culture and gender is paramount in the construction of punishment and crime. The view by radical criminologists that some of the laws implemented in the land are to oppress the poor, illiterate and the less-powerful people in the society are misled. The fact is the criminologists fail to give credible evidence in the support of the argument on the significant role played by some of the laws in any setup. It is important to formulate rules and regulations that serve as a bench -mark for controlling and regulating the general behavior of individuals in the society. The belief that implementation of the laws in the society is to make and maintain the status quo of the elite is misleading. Even though some examples cite the support this view contrary examples are available to testify…show more content…
The isolation of people considered to be a threat in the society does not necessarily mean that they are criminals. Despite the criticisms of radical criminology, it offers better understanding on the enactment of laws and emphasizes the relationship between political order and deviant character. The item also points out at the necessity of having equality system in democratizing the society. If radical criminologists can create more awareness on the relationship between crimes, power an identity, then it can significantly contribute towards reducing the rates of criminal activities in the society (Lynch,

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