Why Would Stranger Than Fiction Be Considered A Good Movie?

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Why would Stranger Than Fiction be considered a good movie? Certainly it has an interesting plot, notorious actors such as Will Ferrell and Queen Latifah, and a surprising twist at the end, but could there be more? For a matter of fact there is more as to why this movie is a good movie! The movie Stranger Than Fiction brings irony, the death of Harold Crick, and the importance of Harold Crick's wristwatch. Whether one may realize it or not Harold Crick did die in this movie. The original OCD, mathematical, and robotic Harold Crick dies for a new life filled with purpose and love. Although Harold crick did not literally die his old habits did he became a new man and started a new life. The end of the movie we are told he no longer counts his brush strokes, doesn't care about work, or even his routine day. He meets a girl who he loves, learns to play the guitar, and even takes a week vacation from work in which he hasn't done for twelve years. He now lives for each day like it is his last and sees the world differently letting go of that old robotic Harold…show more content…
In actuality he was not. Yes, Harold Crick showed many signs that he was the hero, but the true hero was his wristwatch. Mr. Crick's wristwatch warned him of the excavator coming through his apartment wall, and lead him to Ms. Pascal. This wristwatch kept him on the same pattern for twelve years. It may be true that the old Harold Crick would have never parted if it wasn't for his wristwatch he would simply have lived everyday like the rest. Without the wrist watch Harold Crick would never have met with Ms. Pascal, the story would never have happened, and if his wristwatch wasn't of importance and he did meet Ms. Pascal and changed that bus would have killed him. Then he would have been the true tragic hero of this story. His wristwatch is the only one that truly died physically in the movie in order to save the life of Harold

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