Verutmer's Life-Personal Narrative

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It’s feels odd to be in such an open place, compared to under the dark towering buildings and apartments in a human city. However, this is where the carrier is picking up the workers to Verutmer, so it’s where I have to be. It’s out in the open, near the edge of where Verutmer’s shadow ends. I’m so close to the sunlight. I’m tempted to rush over to see what it feels like again, but I don’t. I have a plan to stick to and I can’t be distracted by the little things like sweet sunlight on my face. I stand beside the last tall building in the shadows connected to the city. I’m trying to control my nerves, building up my composures. I have a bag slung over my shoulder and my appearance looking perfect. Lee is with me, hiding deeper in the shadows…show more content…
“Hand pleases,” she orders confidently with a flashing tablet in one hand. There isn’t a single emotion in her expression, but it isn’t blank. There’s no doubt she’s a demon with her extremely beautiful, sharp features, long cherry, black hair and inhuman red eyes, watching me closely. She doesn’t look like the kind of person you want to mess with. I rest my fingers on the scanner and wait. The laser-thin tablet in her hand beats as she flips through the information with a swipe of her long fingers. “Miss Clarke Mattson. Welcome.” I force a smile, relieved. It worked. I’m about to walk back to the seats, lining the inside of the carrier, when shouting and yelling booms from behind me. My attention turns. There’s a crazed man rushing towards the mouth of the carrier with a long metal rod in his hands. He waves it around, hitting a few people, all human. People scatter as he marches closer, wanting to be nowhere near his rage. His eyes are bloodshot and he smells of alcohol and garbage. I dry gag at the smell, despite how far away he is. The SRC really is a pain sometimes, especially when I can smell things that no one else notices. Like how this man hasn’t showered for probably weeks. However, my SRC does help since I can hear clearly what the man…show more content…
“You might last longer than most.” And with that said, she turns her focus back to the line of horrified human, nervously waiting their turn to board the carrier. I quietly make my way to the back of the carrier, passing all the chatting and happy people who didn’t witness the scene of death outside. I take a seat in the back, away from everyone. I have no plans to speak with anyone or meet anyone new. I strap the seatbelt across my body and lean my head back, shutting my eyes. My peace is disrupted in less than a minute as a young woman with fake bouncy blond curls and a cute button nose, sits down beside me, shaking my seat. I open my eyes to her smiling brightly at me. She looks way too happy, it’s slightly frightening. I’m not use to being around happy people. The closest I came to happy adults were Felix and Flich and they’re both guys. It seems strange coming from a girl. Thorn was never cheerfully happy and would have gutted me if I ever acted this bright and happy. “Hi, I’m Ann Tosason,” she greets, her cheerfulness piercing my ears. The high pitch of her voice makes me wince, messing with my SRC. I cover one ear, rubbing my temple to release the pressure in my head. I was not expecting

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