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As children begin to grow and time passes by, they begin to move away from their childhood, and begin to transition into adulthood. For some, it happens early, and they grow up fast. This was the case for me. This transformation for me occurred when I just was 10 years old; the date was November 27, 2007. I was still in Girl Scouts, the last chapter of my childhood when my grandma picked me up that night. I asked, “Where’s my mom? She normally picks me up.” Her response was what began my transformation into adulthood. She said sadly, “She’s at the hospital with your father and uncle. They’ve been in a terrible accident.” I didn’t get to see either of them that night, because they had to stay at St. Mary’s. That night, my dad and uncle were…show more content…
Of course he was fine, and my uncle had only suffered a broken arm, but for my dad it was worse. His head got split open and he had severe nerve and brain damage which both still last to this day, in 2015. He was unemployed for three years. Since he had such bad brain damage, he would put kitchen utensils in the oven, trash in the sink, and he would forget doing his daily activities. I, being the eldest sibling, had to sort of grow up, and take care of him while my mom was busy. He would teach me responsibility because I would have to put everything he misplaced back where it belongs. It was tedious work, but I didn’t mind because I knew it wasn’t his fault. I also had to teach him how to use a computer again, so he was able to search for a job. I felt like a 10 year old teacher, but again I didn’t mind. He also needed help carrying delicate objects. I would do it for him because my hands didn’t shake like his. Writing also became a challenge that I helped him get through. I would write out anything he needed, so it was legible to the receiver. He also required a lot of attention from my mom, so I would help with dinner for my brother. I was forced to grow up at 10

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