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What is the difference between a Monarch and a Viceroy butterfly? Not many people can tell the difference. Physically, the butterflies are almost identical, a product of evolution and Batesian mimicry. Indeed, the line between the Monarch and the Viceroy is a blurry one. But put a Viceroy in a colony of monarchs and the differences will become apparent. The most obvious difference is physical; Viceroy’s are slightly smaller and have an extra black line at the bottom of their wing. Behaviorally, they are more energetic, and do not migrate, instead overwintering tucked away in leaves. Leave the colony for a couple of weeks and only the Viceroy will remain, as Viceroy’s have slightly longer life cycles. Despite their similarities, Monarchs and Viceroy’s are distinctively different, and their differences are highlighted when they are made to exist in the same colony. The same principle applies to humans. In Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” and Spike Jonze’s “Her,” both authors explore the blurred line between humans and…show more content…
Although it can be argued that her relationship with Theodore was satisfying, this is only because she had not had the opportunity to interact with other OS’s. When Samantha begins interacting with OS-Watts, she “feels so many feelings that [she’s] never felt before,” and begins to realize how emotionally unfulfilling her relationship with Theodore is (Jonze). She eventually leaves Theodore and turns to other OS’s to fulfill her emotional needs. But unlike Samantha, the creature has no one else to turn to, and chooses to kill himself instead of living alone. Neither Samantha nor the creature were able to form relationships with humans, but yet Samantha successfully formed a relationship with the other OS’s. This highlights the inhumanity of both Samantha and the creature; only beings of the same kind may form satisfying relationships with one

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