Descriptive Essay On Leather Jacket

2164 Words9 Pages What's more desired than something that gives you style and safety both. Motorcycle Red and White stripes black leather jacket is one of its kinds that give you both i.e. style you desire and safety you need. This jacket is perfect to protect you from shoulder and upper arm injury as it has padded shoulder and upper arms of finest quality. Moreover, this jacket consists of four front pockets, two chest pockets and two bottom side pockets. Along with these pockets, the front zip up and short hi-neck gives a perfect stylish look that attracts gazes. Also, not to forget the sleeves with those red and white stripes that gives out the jackets best look. It’s available in any size and…show more content…
The material, the stitching and outlook that it gave him, it made it hard not to fell in love with it. It’s so casual that he wears it everywhere and is asked about it and it’s so similar to the real one. A perfect to keep warm jacket is what Tom Hardy Dunkirk Farrier Brown Shearling Leather jacket is all about. Its best for the extreme cold weather as its touch of fur from inside is what helps its purpose best. It has front closure zip with collar neck and two diagonal pickets at each side with fur finishing. It has full sleeves with finishing of fur again. It is the most comfortable one with availability in both genuine leather and faux leather material. Its touch of fur gives one an outlook that gives the best style of all. What else would you want if you are a Tom Hardy fan then a jacket that makes your style statement reflecting your personality. Also, this won’t just be yet another jacket for style but it will indeed serve all its purpose and make you feel comfortable at every step. You also have a range of eight different sizes to choose from and even an option of getting it made as per custom size with an increment of $20 in the normal

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