The Importance Of Symbolic Interactionism

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Clubs should also be understood as a place which is created and re-created. “Places are fusions of human and natural order and are the significant centres of our immediate experiences of the world. Places are not abstractions or concepts, but are directly experienced phenomena of the lived-world and hence are full of meanings, with real objects, and with ongoing activities” (Relph, 1976). Because these meanings and experiences have deep emotional and psychological ties as reflected from people’s experiences and relationship with other people, a place is then considered to be undergoing constant contestation and meaning-making (Andersson, 2010). Andersson further quoted Cresswell (2004) stating that there is a constant production of places through the repetition of practices and of everyday mundane activities; implying that “the meaning of place is never fixed; its permanence is imagined, carved out through the processes producing space” (Halfacree 2006, in Andersson, 2010). With this said, the vibe of the club and the experience of actors in the…show more content…
In Symbolic Interactionism, culture is seen not as an external part of the individual but rather lies in one’s interpretations of events and things as seen from symbolic actions within the culture. Symbols operate in our culture and it is in these symbols and sense-making that humans act and interact. This follows the premise that a member’s knowledge of one’s ordinary affairs, of one’s own organized enterprises that knowledge is treated by one of them as part of the same setting that makes it in order (Garfinkel in Hill & Crittenden, 1968). With this, it can also be observed that the establishments try to adjust based on the preferences and image of audiences, rather than impose their own. Although they initially establish their own image, the production, re-creation and imagination of the place by the audience become important drivers in the maintenance or changing of the

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