The Importance Of Solar Covers

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The swimming pool solar covers, also known as solar blankets or summer covers have the ability to bring the temperature up in your pool and keep it there too, without using electricity or gas. Nowadays, solar covers have become one of the mush-have pool accessories. During the cold season, the pools are left exposed to the nature's elements, such as tree debris, rain, leaves and others and also to its temperature changes. Therefore, most people are using this lightweight cover to keep out unwanted debris that may fall in your pool during the day. Plus, you will keep the water temperature warm. How do they work? As we already mentioned, solar covers trap heat, that is normally coming from the sun, in the water. When the sun is hot, the air become warmer than usual and this factor make your pool warmer. Unfortunately, the water gets cooler at night. As such, these covers will stop the heat from escaping the pool at night and even on cold days. Usually, the swimming pools lose energy through evaporation which comes with its rates based on the air temperature, humidity and wind speed. Low humidity, higher temperatures and wind speed will result in evaporation. However, it's important to know that these amazing covers will minimize evaporation and will help you save up to 70% on heating costs. Their purpose is to transfer the solar energy back into…show more content…
This action is the result of an environmentally friendly way. In short words, they are using solar power to heat the swimming pool and they don't require any energy cost to run, such as gas or electricity. Additionally, it's important to know that some units are not completely transparent, so they are able to reduce energy absorption by 5 to 15%. As such, if you are thinking about saving some energy and protecting the pool from evaporation at the same time, you need to keep the cover in daily use throughout the swimming

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