Air In Vedic Verses

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Concept and significance of air is highlighted in Vedic verses. Rigveda mentions ‘O Air! You are our father, the protector. Air has medicinal values ‘Let wind blow in the form of medicine and bring me welfare and happiness.’ Medicated air is the international physician that annihilates pollution and imparts health and hilarity, life and liveliness to people of the world. Hilly areas are full of medicated air consisted of herbal elements. Another verse describes characteristics of air ‘The air is the soul of all deities. It exists in all as life-breathe. It can move everywhere. We cannot see it. Only one can hear its sound. We pray to air God. Ancient Indians, therefore, emphasized that the unpolluted, pure air is source of good health, happiness and long life. Vayu god is prayed to blow with its medicinal qualities’ . The Atharvaveda also mentions about the importance of air, water and green plants essential for human existence. Although there was as such no concept of the word “Pollution” during the vedic era but it was referred as the term “Poisoning” of environment. The A.V. 18.17 recalls that three things cover the entire universe- the air, water and the plants and they are essential for all lives on earth to exist.…show more content…
Even modern researcher has also approved this fact. The National Botanical Survey of India (NBRI) Lucknow has identified about 150 trees and herbs including peepal and recognized them as strong pollution fighters. They are able to fight with several toxic gases and dusts and also infuse the air with plenty of

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