Did Alexander II Deserve The Title Tsar Dictator

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Renua Raje History HL To what extent did Alexander II deserve the title “Tsar Liberator”? “I am leaving you command of the country in a very bad state” Nicholas I. To what extent did Alexander ii deserve the title “Tsar Liberator”? A liberator is defined as someone who frees people from imprisonment or oppression. Alexander II was given the title Tsar Liberator during his reign, however today historians question the preeminent reason of his reforms. After being handed reign of the country the need for reform was evident. The army was inefficient and inadequate. The peasants and lower class were rebelling due to the lack of social equality. Russia was very backwards in 1850 in comparison to Britain and France, which both had democracy. Russia is greatly influenced by the church. After the embarrassment Russia’s army felt after losing the Crimean War, the military had been humbled and it was clear to Alexander II that he had to reform the country's tsarist system or face revolts amongst the Russian peasants. A quote by Morris states that “His reforms were motivated by desire to strengthen autocracy rather than to replace it.” Even after his reforms on serfdom, education for children and young adults; as…show more content…
Thus started his period of great reform, but his main mistake was the insistence on the modernisation of autocracy. Seton-Watson says he “wanted to make an unrealistic compromise between autocracy and modern constitutional developments.” The start of reforms gave the Russian people, false hope in further reforms. Some historians say the emancipation of the serfs was “a little too late.” The additional reforms completed by Alexander II gave the people more reasons to criticises his reign. Therefore, Alexander II did reform and emancipate Russia to an extent; mostly at the start of his reign. So as his reign continued he lost his right to the name Tsar

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