The Importance Of Romanticism

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Romanticism is a movement for the arts and literature that emerged in the late 18th century. It became a style of art that gives special attention to emotions. A romantic kind of literature tends to portray a woman [beloved], who is so weak for herself that needs to be loved and saved by a knight-in-shining-armour [lover]. However, this romantic approach hides a gross reality; there is something beyond the mask of a heroic savior trying to save his “damsel in distress”. What is wrong with romanticism? First, in a sense, romanticism makes a cage for the beloved. The romantic spirit arose from a selfish point of view; it is based on the savior’s desire rather than knowing what his “princess” is capable of. To quote Chaia Heller, “he [savior]…show more content…
Maybe they are afraid or preserving something that they cannot help abolish social problems. This romantic approach often generates the view of nature. The earth became a ‘mother earth’ that needs to be protected by an eco-knight which is us. Just like romanticism, romantic ecology is also at flawed. First, Romantic Ecology addresses on the purity of everything, and purity associates living the simple life – living in the urban. Urban living links to the beautiful landscapes that we can see, mountains with green pastures, farmers living in their simplest life. No trace of capitalism or hierarchical dominations. But what romantic ecology does not see is that there is nothing romantic in living the simplest life. The marginalized people are living in the simplest life since they were born. They are deprived of food, of shelter, or of education. They were living their life simple that they cannot choose nor change their status. They were born and will die living life simple. Contrary to what romantic ecologist says, it is not terrible to live in the rural. Though capitalism is prominent in the rural, that resulted to the formulations of
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