Thomas Moran's Influence On American Culture

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Though many artists painted western American landscapes during the Age of Romanticism, many people consider Thomas Moran to be the most nationalistic of the time ( Through the influence of his family and travel’s, Thomas Moran grew to appreciate art and create paintings that reflected his national pride for America. He was the son of Thomas and Mary Moran and was born in England (Dictionary of American Biography). He moved to America from Europe when he was 7 (Encyclopedia of World Biography), and Edward Moran, Thomas Moran’s brother, taught and inspired him to study and create art (Dictionary of American Biography). Thomas began to travel America when he was around 30, and he visited national parks and famous landmarks including…show more content…
The warm colors, such as red yellow, and orange, give off feelings of cheerfulness and delight. The bright white light coming in from the background also adds depth and a feeling of hope and renewal, because the light illuminates a vast, unknown landscape. The deep greens and the shaded areas add a feeling of calmness to the atmosphere. The man lying on his side also adds to the relaxed atmosphere, because of his comfortable look. The mist on the water in the backgrounds contributes an air of uncertainty, because of the cloudiness. It represents the unknown future of America during the Romantic time period and how many traditions are changing (Bruce Harvey). The line and movement of the painting also create different analysis’ of the painting. The man looking into the distance, as mentioned before, could represent the idea of claiming the land and moving west (Johanssen, Robert W). It could also signify that the man admires the vastness of nature. In comparison with the trees and the rocks, the man seems small. His inferiority to nature represents the idea of the awesome power of nature compared to man (Paul Finkelman). The man is also white, which could symbolize the idea that white men were considered superior to all other cultures at the time . This concept was called White Superiority. (William A. Darity) The vast landscapes, reveal national pride for America. Because Thomas Moran was very patriotic, he would paint the most beautiful parts of America, which inspired the pioneers to occupy land west

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