Advantages Of Counselling

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According to Egan (2001), although relationship building is essential in counselling, employment of further intervention is also necessary for change to occur. Research has found that the average client who receives treatment or intervention improves more than two-thirds of people who do not receive counselling (Landman & Dawes, 1982). This has supported the general efficacy of counselling interventions. Despite reviews of outcome studies negate claims of superiority for any one approach (Wampold, Mondin, Moody, Stich, Benson & Ahn, 1997), evidences have shown the superiority of particular counselling approach with some problems or clients (e.g., Beutler & Harwood, 2000; Paul & Menditto, 1992). This essay aims to compare the efficacies of employing…show more content…
It is able to help Karen feel more powerful to take steps against oppression of her husband and change her current situation. Another advantage of adopting feminist counselling is that it helps Karen to learn to appreciate her abilities and goals. This quality is assumed to assist Karen in voicing her opinions and pursuing her goals not only in the particular circumstance but also in future. Thus, Karen may use this skill independently after the termination of counselling and benefit from it for a…show more content…
Feminist counselling maintains a strongly held value and belief that oppression of groups is not acceptable and will encourage clients to do something about it. On the other hand, brief solution-focused counselling might argue that there is no absolute right or wrong, only what an individual constructs given his or her “reading” of reality at a certain time and place. Due to their extremely different approaches of assisting clients, it is unlikely to employ both approaches at the same

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