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Music has become a prime essential to a person’s routine throughout the past few decades. After centuries, the vast amount of music genres has expanded rapidly, with many reaching out to explore new upcoming artists from across the globe who have been entering and sweeping the nation with their talent. The current rising industries in the music business, American music and Korean Pop music, can be contrasted based on training, skills, and content; ultimately, pursuing a career in Korean Pop is more challenging than in American music. When analyzing the training system between the two, they both split into completely diverse pathways. In the American music industry, there is no specific audition process that has to be done in order to get signed. These…show more content…
However, in order for an individual to enter the Korean Pop music industry, they must go through several auditions at agencies, hoping to succeed in one. The audition process itself can be extremely nerve wracking, as it can span from a private audition to a global audition, with over hundreds and thousands of kids trying to reach their dreams of becoming a K-Pop idol. After one is signed to a record label in the American music industry, there is minimal training and their debut is usually based on how long it requires their label to write and produce a song. The artists will already have a good vocal foundation, which means that the record label will then focus on promoting the artist. They may also be sent to writing camps to learn how to compose music, like Swedish star Tove Lo who says that, “Before I signed to Warner Chappell as a songwriter, I wrote by myself and I produced myself, but I learned a lot from working with producers who had more of an idea.” On the other hand, becoming a trainee in the Korean Pop music industry is the

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