Oscar In The Mist Chapter Summary

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Synopsis Even though the main character in this novel is a male, the female roles in his family have shaped and molded Oscar’s existence that properly form this novel. The only male role models for Oscar are the stereotypical Dominican males who are the men that have caused severe problems to this family. Oscar had no positive role models at least from a feminist perspective. Also, his immediate family; Beli, Lola, and La Inca, they were main role models. As a result of Beli’s pregnancy with her children she is the foundation of what makes this novel possible. When Yunior gives background on Oscar’s mother, he relates their mother’s past to Lola and Oscar throughout the entire novel. This made their choices in their lives similar to Beli’s back in the Dominican Republic. For example, Oscar’s desires may have just been lust and not true love with any women he…show more content…
As for Beli, when she was in the Dominican Republic when she was given presents and things she translated this into love and Yunior says “Both of these dudes Beli played hard" (111 Díaz) but she was consumed but it. Like Oscar, he is consumed by romance and lust that he avoids all the danger that comes with Ybón and this gets him beaten and killed. This shows the power of a women to a weak Dominican man, for example La Fea who had the power to send men out to beat her husbands mistress, half to death. Equally, La Inca rescued Beli form being burned alive and most of her family being dead, she gave her a job at her bakery without any assistance of a man. This life that Beli had lived was all because of Trujillo and wanting woman he couldn’t have. Through La Inca, Beli was able to raise her children by herself through all the odds against Beli as Yunior says, “I know its taboo to make this accusation, but I doubt that anybody inside the family wanted her to live, either" (252

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