Mad Max: Fury Road

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“Mad Max: Fury Road”, a loud heart pounding action film, will get your eyes glued. The apocalyptic film, after the end of the world, staring main characters Furiosa (Charlize Theron) and Mad Max (Tom Hardy). This film is like no other action film, Director George Miller has really gone all out on the graphics from the original film of 1979 starring Mel Gibson. The chaos in the city of Citadel, ran by warlord Immortan Joe torching and starving the survivors for his own greed. Furiosa and Mad Max unite with a powerful monster war rig to take down the warlords, and take over the Citadel. “Mad Max: Fury Road” graphics are exceptional, makeup and costumes of the characters, and the storyline is intriguing to viewers. Director George Miller has

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