Personal Narrative: How To Clean Up An Engine

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As we turn right down the street toward our house, I see this bright red truck sitting in our driveway. I was so excited to get my first car, for a 16 year old, it meant freedom. Before my parents let me loose to drive all over town and get into a bunch of trouble, they wanted to lay down some ground rules. They said to list off a bunch of rules and I just sat there and nodded my head up and down. The one big rule they set was I was responsible for the maintenance on my new truck, from that point on, I had to learn how to do things myself. Many people don’t take the time to learn how to change their oil, which is one of the most essential part to keep your car running properly and saves you from costly repairs. First thing you need to do before grabbing some tools and getting your hands dirty, you need to go to the glove box in your car and grab out the owner’s manual. Every car is different so the owner’s manual will have the information for what oil type and filter is needed. If that doesn’t provide the necessary information, every auto parts store has a reference book, which contains the information for every car made on what type of oil and filter is required.…show more content…
Having the correct oil for your car is important but clean oil is the most important part of keeping your engine clean and properly lubricated. Without clean oil to lubricate the engine and cool the moving parts, the engine will seize up. Going to the auto parts store and standing in front of the wall of oil is going to be a little overwhelming. There are 3 main types of oil you need to know about, conventional, full synthetic, and high mileage

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