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Transitioning from taking ballet from last semester to this has not changed my perspective much because I had a general idea of the goals I wanted to focus on. Reflecting on ballet from the fall, I noticed some habits that I am working on in this class.I did not know how I will be executing each combination at the barre.Even though all ballet classes have the same movement terminology everyone has a unique style of teaching.Over the last year of study, I have been able to grow as a dancer and also to plan goals before this semester started. My views on ballet have not changed much because I knew what I wanted to work on, aiming towards and trying to find a goal that I can relate to for each exercise. By continuing to take ballet this semester, I can work on my weaknesses and areas where I do not keep my movement as continuous as I do with other movements. Even though I have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to taking ballet,I still have a chance to be able to focus on all of my goals that I would want to achieve for the semester. I am, however, able to work through my weak points, and I am also trying to work on executing the combinations better each time. So far, I have noticed I have been working on…show more content…
One correction that I wrote in my notebook to focus on is to not put excess tension in my body while I dance. An example where I notice this is happening is in my arms. I tend to keep my arms stiff which makes me tend to lift up my shoulder when I do not notice. Another aspect I noticed along with working on my goals is the musicality with certain combinations. I had this goal in mind to work on this semester because this is something that it has not been my strongest point. Throughout the semester I want to work on getting better with my musicality and being able to stay consistent with counts the entire

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