The Importance Of Human Nature

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We as humans follow the laws of Nature because it is our birth given morale. As our society has improved with technologies that would have otherwise seemed almost out of worldly, our morale of Human Nature has also improved upon itself. Whether favorable or egregiously tragical, we cannot ismply blame specific generations for a person's actions based on their own personal distorted moraily. If this were to be true and we applied this logistical view point on numerous other occassions and issues throughot history, we should blame our kin and forefathers for their mistakes, such as the world wars and mistreatments regarding the industrialization and wiping out of entire comunities of peoples simply based on an egotistical right that they believed themselves to be entilted to. However, no one can consider this to be true despite that they should have already been prosecuted against for their actions.…show more content…
As arachnid are instictually influenced by the guttual forces of their ancestors of survival, they weave webs of silk and caught dust, humans too have a guttual force from our ancestors to not only to be alive and survive, but to thrive and benefit others around you first before worrying over yourself and to crave human touch, the warmth from others as a whole. Human Nature does not exist within animals, what they have is something different though the same in their eyes. They abide by the laws of Naure itself rather than Human Nature specifically. Consequently, this law of Human Nature of having capacity for such things enforced by past events of our elders afects the other enactments that we subconciously follow. Another which are the feelings of having ones personal thoughts and emotions out in the open air in the form of words as
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