Analysis Of Calvin's Institutes Of The Christian Religion

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In his writings, "Institutes of the Christian Religion" is Calvin Jesus' humanity with a number of passages from the Gospels. This passages are clear signs of true humanity, which leads to the view that Calvin was of the opinion that Jesus truly became man and not just as God in this world. Although seen from Calvin's writings that he does not go out of the Son of God had accepted the sinful, fallen nature of man, one might conclude, therefore, he believed that Jesus had assumed Adams human nature in any case, but not after, but before the Fall. For the reasons mentioned above it can be concluded that he was of the opinion that the reason for the humanity of Jesus lies that sin must be expiated in sinful flesh. And that therefore inevitably he had been convinced that Jesus had to be man to perform his duties as a mediator and can produce communion with God again. From this it is clear that Calvin was convinced that Jesus became truly human.…show more content…
These two reasons brought God to come to us as human. Calvin saw in Luther’s view of the Lord’s Supper a form of monophytism- a doctrine that Christ had only a divine nature and that His human nature was so sublimated to His divine nature that it ceased to exist. John Calvin understood the divine nature of Christ and human nature to stay divine and human in every

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