The Importance Of Hearing

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• find or request a quiet work space away from others • request written material when attending oral presentations • ask for directions to be given one step at a time How Do We Hear: Hearing is one of the five senses. It is a complex process of picking up sound and attaching meaning to it. The ability to hear is critical to understanding the world around us. The human ear is fully developed by birth and responds to sounds even before birth. The ear can be divided into three parts leading up to the brain – the outer ear (ear canal and ear drum), middle ear (3 small bones called ossicles) and the inner ear (cochlea and hair cells): Sound travels down the ear canal, striking the eardrum and causing it to vibrate.These vibrations from cause the ossicles to vibrate which, in turn, create movement of the fluid or cochlea in the inner ear. This, in its turn, cause disturbances in hair cells which consequently sends electric signals up the auditory nerve (or hearing nerve) to the brain. These signals are interpreted by the brain as sound.…show more content…
Individuals with auditory processing disorders may act as though a hearing loss is present when in fact hearing sensitivity is often within normal limits. However, they cannot process the information they hear in the same way as others do, which leads to difficulties in recognizing and interpreting sounds, especially the sounds composing speech. Therefore, Auditory processing disorder (APD) comes with more than the expected difficulty in hearing and comprehending speech even though no measureable hearing loss

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