Essay On Positive Thinking

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The first part of the positive thinking that was discussed focused on using positive thinking consistently to get a good start to your day. So the old saying that says be careful what you wish for has truth to it. When you are thinking about something, make sure to think about what you want and not about what you don't want. For example, if there is a war or conflict going on in the world that you do not like, do not keep saying that you don't like it. Instead, offer to be a peace person. Peace is the best alternative to war because violence only makes it easier for more violence to occur. And being a peace person definitely allows you to be more positive. This kind of mindset will also allow you to be healthier and live longer. It will also…show more content…
You should do the same because life is too precious to be wasted by thinking negative and feeling bad about yourself. Make sure to approach each day with passion, enthusiasm and love for life because these great feelings will help get you started on the right path each day of your life. Positive thinking has helped me to focus on the most basic things that I have which many people take for granted. Although there will be times that we will feel stressed out, anxious, or upset, we cannot allow those feelings to take control of us. We have to take the controls of our life before life controls us. Think about it this way. Imagine that you are the pilot of your life. If you don't take over the controls and steer yourself in the right direction, your day and life will just move around wildly in the air like an airplane before it comes crashing down. You don't want your life to come to a crashing halt. You want your life to flow smoothly just like the pilot of an airplane has to make sure to do what he or she can to make sure that the plane arrives safely at its destination. So steer your life in the right direction by thinking positive to start the day. Be well! Before I end this article let me say that you will not always be positive even if you start your day that way. It could change so you have to be careful of that. Have a positive day and
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