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Archibald Monteath Igbo, Jamaican, Moravian. Maureen Warner-Lewis This is the story of Archibald Monteath, the story of a slave captured from Africa and sent to Jamaica to live until he purchased his freedom and worked hard for a better life all on his own terms. This slave account and biography of Monteath happens during the time slavery was about to be abolished however “the legal status of slaves in Jamaica was typical of their status in all the British West India Islands” (Smith, Worthington). Also many scholars see his story as being neglected due to it not being readily available in English until proper research was done as can be seen from this quote “The long-neglected and unappreciated autobiography of Archibald Monteith, a nineteenth-century Jamaican slave, has had a strange and interesting publishing history” (Costanzo). This report seeks to give the reader a deeper understanding and insight into the biography of Archibald Monteath through a critical analysis which analyze the strengths and weakness of the book by looking at the purpose, contextualization, style and the sources of the book. Hopefully after reading one gets a deeper composition of the book. The central themes of the book are Slavery, Enslavement and Hierarchy that exists at the period during the 1800s. Igbo and…show more content…
It modifies common understandings to a certain extent and also reiterates and upholds accepted views of slavery at the time period which was written about. The author sticks with a typical autobiographical methodological and theoretical approach when it comes to the topic of slavery and a life story and it is not very contentious in its nature as it placidly explains the life of Archibald Monteath and his great

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