Deaflympics Case Study

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A) What factors do you think contributed to the establishment of the Deaflympics? One factor that contributed to the establishment of the Deaflympics was the ability to build a sense of community amongst the deaf. Deaf events help bring people together, therefore forming a community. Deaflympics allow individuals all around the world to participate in this community event as well as sharing and learning about each other’s countries’ cultures. These games not only build a sense of community and culture, but helped these individuals create close connections. The deaf population is small; therefore these types of events help build lasting relationships. Another factor that contributed to the establishment of the Deaflympics was to create equality.…show more content…
Why do people who share a similar background seek to come together? Does this make people not want to socialize with people who are different? There is a motto saying, “Equality Through Sports.” Do you think it is valid or not? As humans, we are social beings; therefore we want to interact with each other. Some people want to be social while being active, resulting in people coming together to participate in sports. People with similar backgrounds will seek each other because they can relate to one another easier. For example, let’s say you meet someone in your major; chances are you will have an easier time communicating with them than someone who isn’t. This is because you have similar interests and beliefs. Same goes for people that are deaf and hearing; it doesn’t mean they don’t want to socialize with people that are different; it simply just means they have an easier time connecting with people that are similar. An individual that is deaf may socialize with other deaf people because of the hassle of needing someone to translate. The motto, “Equality Through Sports” is a valid one. For example, there are separate Olympic Games for deaf, hearing, as well as paraplegic individuals. They all have their own Olympics resulting in the equality through

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