Persuasive Speech On Emotions In War

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It's a bloody battleground. There are millions of casualties slumped over, strewn across the ground. No one is safe, yet you are walking into this war with an optimistic attitude, a cautious smile on your face, and an armful of swimming suits that looked downright adorable on the hanger. But as you walk deeper into the dressing room, past the already occupied stalls, you begin to detect traces of the battle that lay before you. Hateful comments about one’s self, groaning, mixed with chants to the body gods requesting a flat stomach, larger chest, or thinner thighs, women and girls questioning why they can't be, why they aren't beautiful, while scrutinizing in the scratched mirror and cheap department-store lighting every miniscule flaw, every…show more content…
We need to let the world know that we are not going to be hindered by our incorrect perceptions of ourselves and one another, that what we look like will not limit us. Second, we need to create our own happy moments. We often rely on others to make us happy, say that we will be happy when we do this or get that or become this and we need to stop. We need to make sure that we know we deserve all the best in life, we deserve good friends and happiness and love and laughter, and none of that relies upon our bodies, none of these things are dependent upon our looks. We also need to allow ourselves to love food and appreciate flavor. Don’t allow it to become an obsession, but enjoy that fuel you are putting into your body, it helps you to do great things. Lastly, enjoy the humanity in everyone, especially yourself. We all have flaws, we all have impurities, and no one is perfect. At the risk of being cliché, I would like to point out that beauty really does come from within. We are not beautiful people because we are outwardly attractive, but because of our kindness, our compassion, our senses of humor or intelligences or the things we are passionate
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