The Importance Of Environmental Psychology

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We have to constantly remind ourselves that the quality of the environment depends almost entirely on human behavior patterns. The various environmental problems that we are facing today, such as global warming and climate change, air pollution, water shortages, depletion of natural resources, and loss of biodiversity are indeed rooted in human behavior (Gardner and Stern, 1996). The common recognition of this fact has encouraged the use of the science of human behavior to further understand the root of the problems and create strategies for solving them. We have to admit that not only is it important that we examine the chemistry, biology, physics, ecology or economics of environmental problems, but it is also crucial that we understand the importance of the behavioral dimensions and study ways we can influence and change it. Environmental psychology is considered as a major behavioral approach that has been widely adopted to acquire more sustainability regarding the abovementioned goals. Environmental Psychology provided a crucial knowledge foundation towards the development of environment and behavior studies in the 1960s. Over the recent decades it has evolved into a field that is focused on understanding how the physical environment and human behavior…show more content…
Kyle et al. (2004a) found that the greater the social ties to a setting, the higher the emotional attachment (identity) with the setting. Researchers have explored the relationship of place attachment, defined as the traveler’s experience with the travel site, with individual travel behavior (Kyle, Graefe, & Manning, 2005; Smith, Siderelis, & Moore,

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