Memories Of Early Childhood

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I have a few memories from my early childhood, very few. But there are some things that I remember clearly, mostly because they would occur repeatedly. My grandma loved to share with me fragments of her life that she recited time and again, as if there was nothing else she remembered of her over 80 year old history. When talking about her father she would say: “My father was a good man. Yes, he was very good.” Every time the story was repeated I would sit next to her and pay my undivided attention. I would love to hear what a good father was like; I had no memories of mine. He was gone most of the time driving around Europe with his truck so he had very little time to stay with us in between his trips, and then one day he was gone just like that…poof! So through little Elli’s ears this is how grandma’s story went:…show more content…
When the Greek military disembarked at the coast of Asia Minor (Turkish coasts) he met my mother and that was it, love at first sight. He gave his word to her that after the war was over he would come back and search for her. And so he did, my mother had ended up poor and owning nothing else but the clothes she was wearing when they were chased out of their homes by the Turks. She was a 17 year old girl coming from a wealthy family used to even having her hair brushed by a servant. Then, it was all gone overnight but some time later my father found her and took her to his family home on Corfu

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