Elite Deviance Literature Review

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Hunter Soileau Michel, C., Heide, K., & Cochran, J. (2015). Sociodemographic Correlates of Knowledge About Elite Deviance. American Journal Of Criminal Justice, 40(3), 639-660. doi:10.1007/s12103-014-9276-0 In this summary we are going to talk about the journal “Sociodemographic Correlates of Knowledge About Elite Deviance”. To comprehend elite deviance, one must have somewhat of knowledgeable background on things like accounting, politics, and environmental law. It is believed that a person’s education will affect what types of criminalities they commit. The variables race, sex, culture, religion affiliation, education, and source of data is what sets apart the more educated criminals and the less educated criminals. The main purpose of this…show more content…
Sociodemographic factors play a big role on how much a person knows about elite deviance. It was found that Caucasian males that were not associated with any religion, that had significant amount of education, and they used the internet as an information source were the ones who identified the most about elite deviance. The people who knew the least about elite deviance were also Caucasian males, but they identified themselves as conservative, Protestants, and uses sources such as the radio, yellow pages, and TV. This study has two significant implications. The first one is that the internet have been a positive reinforcement because of the amplified responsiveness about elite deviance. Besides the internet they looked for other ways to educated people on this subject. More classes should be offered on this but unfortunately there is very little offered on this issue. They also thought that blogging and non-profit organizations would be a great way to educate more people. One thing a person must be aware of when using the internet is the credibility of the source. They should make sure that the authors are experts on the subject. The second implication found in this study was the support of things like the religion of Protestantism and free enterprise. It is shown that things like religion can affect the way a person looks at the advancements that science is making. The only way to change this is cognitive dissonance resolution strategy. This means that the strategy is supposed to make our own opinions seem foreign to the individual. During this study they came up three different strategies of cognitive dissonance. The first strategy is to modify the way one is feeling toward the subject. The second strategy is to provide constant examples that outnumber the way they are feeling toward a subject so that there is no more

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