Social Work Core Values Analysis

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The core values of a social workers’ profession is the main driving force for its unique purpose and perspective which include service, social justice, inherent dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. However, for this paper, I will be discussing and reflecting on a time when someone upheld and disregarded the core value of individual worth and dignity. Social workers should treat everyone at all times, in a caring, respectful and professional manner. In addition, they should be very mindful and knowledgeable of individual, cultural and ethnic differences. Ultimately, social workers should be able ensure their clients that within their professional relationships they will be honest, responsible and fair especially when handling conflicts. The value of Dignity and worth of a person is one of the principles that I would want for someone to have as a one of their core values. Many years ago, I work with a teacher that treated me with respect and dignity named Mrs. Harris. She was a wonderful teacher and made me feel like I mattered. Everyday, I would help her teach the class by making sure her smart board ran properly and by making sure the children did their assignments correctly. Before Mrs. Harris did her lesson, she made sure that I knew what was going on…show more content…
Brown. I hated to come to work when I had to work with this teacher. She did not treat me with dignity and respect. For instance, she would address me as just being an aide and wanted me to let her do her job. The way she treated me due to my position made me feel horrible. She would not let me do much to help her and she would constantly remind the children for no apparent reason that she was the teacher not the aides. I was hired to work with a particular child one on one but I could not do anything to aid the child because she would not let
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