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Nagaon is an administrative district which located in middle of the Assam. The Headquarter of this district is Nagaon. Total geographical area 3993 sq km. and total population are 1894788, after the separation of Hojai District (2011 Census). Total literacy rate of Nagaon District is 73.78%. Latitude and Longitude of Nagaon District are 26.2997o N and 92.6984o E respectively. 1.2 Human Rights: A rights means a claim or power to do something or, to have (acquire) and own something, that is considered to be necessary for an individual to live with dignity as a human being and a member of mankind. Such claims or powers are known as, ‘Human Rights’ (Ajithkumar, Usha. , 2011, p. 1). Human Rights is a universal and legal concept. These rights…show more content…
The international community must treat human rights globally in a fair and equal manner, on the same footing, and with the same emphasis (World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna, 1993). All Human Rights means it include civil and political, economic, social and cultural rights which are very important for each and every individual. Human rights are universal: here first emphasis given on universal declaration of human rights. In this declaration, there are 30 Article include all the basic rights which are universally adopted for every human beings to promote and protect all human rights and fundamental freedom regardless of their political, economic, and social or cultural system e.g.,- “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” (1st Article of UDHR). It’s unalienable because people’s rights can never be taken away. Human rights are indivisible, interdependent because, all the rights like - Political rights e.g. – right to life, equality before law; Economic rights e.g. – right to work; Social and Cultural rights e.g. - social security and education for all, which are equal in importance and absence of one rights another not be…show more content…
In recent few years it has gained more importance both intellectually and politically because to increase injustice, exploitation and disdain day by day. The origin of the concept of human rights can be found in the Greco-Roman natural low doctrines of “Stoicism”, which established that there should be universal force behind all creation so that human beings should be judged according to the laws of nature. In 1776, the Virgina Declaration of Rights declared that all men are free and independent equally by nature with certain inherent rights. After that Sweden (1809), Spain (1812), Norway (1814), Belgium (1831), Denmark (1849), Prussia (1850) and Switzerland (1874) made provision for fundamental rights for men. The phrase “The Rights of Men” was unsuitable because according to phrase it was not include the rights of women. So that in 1947, Eleanor Roosevelt suggested to change the phrase into “Human Rights”, though this term was first coined by Thomas Paine in French Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen (1789, English translation). Beside these the concept of ‘Human Rights’ become more popular and known by all over the world when United Nation General Assembly adopted Universal Declaration of Human Rights after the World War II and the result of this declaration all human beings in this world are able to get their basic or fundamental

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