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Gluten Free Weight Gain Diet Many people are unable to tolerate gluten in their diet in any form. Termed as the celiac disease, it leaves a person with no other option other than following a gluten-free diet. Research has shown that going gluten-free brings about a remarkable change in a person’s weight. Most people who have taken up a gluten-free diet have observed an increase in their weight but there are many who just don’t seem to gain any weight. Apparently, going gluten-free interferes with the supply and absorption of nutrients to their body. This might be attributed to the fact that a person has to restrict various grains in their diet. It has also been observed that many people who suffer from the celiac disease restrict themselves…show more content…
Eat a calorie-rich diet – You need to eat a diet which supplies you with extra calories. Up your calorie intake by at least 500 calories per day. You can do this gradually. Some gluten free foods that can help you to gain weight include corn chips, peanuts, ice cream, cheese, juice, hummus and milk. Other foods that you can eat are eggs, chicken, fish, potatoes, legumes, soy, cassava, sorghum, avocados and arrowroot, since they also supply significant amount of calories. It isn’t difficult to find gluten-free foods in the supermarkets. They are flooded with various gluten free foods. You can easily find pasta, bread, crackers, pizza base, cereals, burger buns, cakes, muffins and pancakes that are gluten-free. You can cook food in olive oil since it helps to add calories to the body. Salads dressed in olive oil are not only healthy; they are also calorie rich and taste extremely…show more content…
Eat only healthy fats – In an effort to gain weight, you may consume fats but keep away from unhealthy fats such as saturated fats and trans fats. These fats are very harmful for the body. They increase your cholesterol and also increase the chances of contracting heart disease. Trans fats and saturated fats are mostly found in fried foods so avoid those. 2. Avoid processed foods –Most of the processed foods that are available in stores contain gluten and they also contain unhealthy fats. While purchasing gluten-free products, make sure they are not processed. Not only are they harmful for your gut but also for your heart. If you’re unsure about the ingredients that are listed on a product, check with an expert or consult your doctor before buying it. 3. Be cautious while eating out – Although most fast food outlets and restaurants will be out of reach for a person following a gluten free diet. Not all restaurants offer gluten free foods but there are many who take great care to serve their patrons dishes that are absolutely gluten-free. You would need to be extremely careful when you go out to eat. Choose dishes that don’t contain any grains, such as grilled chicken and meats. It is better to avoid sauces or any foods that are fried since they might have used the same oil for frying foods that contain gluten. You can have dips such as hummus or those that are made with hung curd and vegetables. Make your chef know about the restrictions in your diet so

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