Roxane Gay Hunger Analysis

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Hunger is not at all what one expects it to be. You hear the book title and think “food,” but do not be fooled as it is not the hunger for food rather the hunger for a resolution. Roxane Gay’s memoir, Hunger, sate your hunger for a powerful, thought-provoking journey that ultimately reveals her truth behind what it really means to be fueled by emotion from a life-changing experience. This memoir furthermore exploits the culture that we live in, where being fat is not beautiful, as Gay reveals and discovers the burden that comes with keeping a dark secret. Gay’s life becomes altered when her temptation for a boy ultimately leads her to recognize that the hunger for attention from a boy is not like the attention the girls received from the Valley High books she loved. Gay is just a teen when she experienced what is rape. At that age, no one really comprehends their emotions or their thoughts, and it can be very difficult for one to express what they feel. Over time these feelings begin to build up and can alter your mental state of mind. For Gay, her mentality of being fueled with emotions meant having moments of weakness where she was blaming herself for what had become of her while also being sick of the constant criticism received yet not trying hard enough to change that. Within those weaknesses that were experienced lied self-hatred even though she…show more content…
It is not about her journey to lose weight and have the most beautiful body. This memoir is about what it means to be constantly feeling different emotions, it shows the true side to society when you do not fit the criteria, and it reveals the burden that exists when one keeps a painful secret to themselves. Gay is not afraid, to be honest about her experiences which is why Hunger is perfect for describing the life of an imperfect individual to society living with constant criticism from the world around her while hiding a traumatic memory from those who want to protect

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