The Importance Of Chinese Culture

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The influence of culture background is important and sustainable. The life history of the individual is first and foremost fit to the lifestyle of your own community, which is handed down in ours community naturally. That's culture gene, one kind of Abiotic gene, main gain through the acquired effort to obtain and congenital inheritance. We get it when we realized it and we don't. And we absorb it both initiative and passive, mainly for beliefs, habits, values and so on. What's more, we are the little creature of ours culture, and by the time we are grown and able to take part in its activities, its habits are our habits, its beliefs ours beliefs. Every child that is born into his\her group will share them with him/her, which is sharping them all the time.…show more content…
Even in countries where political and economic change , there's people still keep the way they think. As we known, the world is always changing. However there are something given by our families, community, society root in our mind throughout the whole your life. And for me, the Chinese culture still can be seen in my behavior now. I always use subtle body language and hate confronts with the other my opinion, we have the same ways to do things because not only the culture root in my soul, my nature and also influence my friends and families. My friends and families also change and sharp me. Those factors sharp us own some trending in the behavior in real life. So it is interesting to obtain those kind of experience, opening our mind and it is helpful to make foreigner friends. And it is the key to be the winner in the foreign

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