The Importance Of Community Service

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Community service has always been something close to my heart since I was young. Over time, I have come to help my community in numerous ways which have been immensely beneficial. The activities I have been involved in mainly target the environment and disadvantaged peoples’ personal lives. This has ensured a continuous improvement of the community around me. I am a member of the green belt movement that was formed by the late professor Wangari Maathai. The organization is big on environmental conservation, specifically, in planting trees. With over fifty million trees planted by them, it seemed a natural choice for an environmental conservation enthusiast like me to join. The world loses a lot of trees through activities like agriculture, logging and wild fires. This is unacceptable as they have many advantages, the main one being the absorption of greenhouse emissions which…show more content…
This comes from the belief that setting an example of myself is the best way to get to those around me. The campaigns against drugs have reduced drug users around us and consequently reduced drug related vices like robbery and prostitution in the community. In the past, I have organized events to raise money for the less fortunate around us. This has mainly been done through car washes which bear no charges, but the car owners have to make a donation to our course. This helps them make a donation they are comfortable with and generally generates very large funds. The funds raised are used to buy food and clothes for the poor in our community. Part of the money raised is also donated to organizations such as Jambo Charity Organization, to help more people around the country. The organization tries to alleviate poverty in the country by educating poor children and also giving skill based training to them. Donating to them contributes to a reduction of unemployment in the

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