Statement Of Purpose: Alpha Sorority Application

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My interest in membership of the esteemed Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. is because it would be the achievement of a dream, allow me to give back to my community, utilize my talents, and enable me to be a part of the organization of ladies who I owe my debt of gratitude. As a child of a single parent home, life at times became difficult due to the lack of resources and money, but I was fortunate enough to have joined the Ivy Rose Club, a high school mentorship group under the Chi Upsilon Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha. As a member, I was surrounded by women who possessed vision, and encouraged me to excel in my academics as well as to endure during a time of difficult circumstance. I was also taught the importance of community service and education through various interactive workshops. It is their contribution that fuels my desire to give back not only to young women, but also…show more content…
I can achieve this goal through the ASCEND program, because I would be able to encourage underprivileged high school students that no standards are too high for them to achieve. This is the encouragement I give as a Big Sister in the Big Sister Little Sister program here at Spelman. I also would teach them the importance of high moral and academic standards so that we can improve the social status of African Americans in society. It is my belief that if today’s youth understood their self-worth we would not see our community in its current predicament. It is because they do not know that the youth are capable of being someone great that they do not aspire to anything positive, and as an Ivy Rose Club member I was always told to be confident, graceful, and strong. It is because of their guidance I owe Alpha Kappa Alpha my lifelong commitment. Being that I am innovative and creative, it is possible for me to produce ideas

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