Persuasive Essay On Child Labor

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There are 168 million children worldwide who are trapped in child labor, generating $150 billion a year in illegal profits. Around 215 million children work, many full time, causing an absence from attending school (Child Labor Facts). They are being denied the chance to live out their childhood as children. Instead they are working in hazardous conditions and environments that no child should ever have to experience, and they are being neglected of their own education. As they reach an older age, child labor workers will struggle finding a job, for they have minimum to no schooling. Why should any child never have the chance to be educated? Americans should stop buying child labor products and start promoting and improving education for child…show more content…
Lots of these children have parents who are always stressed and frustrated, or no parents at all, it’s important that they know someone cares about their life and their future. With no access to quality education, these children are going to be forced to enter the labor industry, filled with dangers that they already are facing today. The academic achievement of children trying to go to school and work all the time to provide for their family suffers tremendously (Child Labor and Education 1). Knowing someone is there supporting them could make a difference in their mental health. With going to school, child labor workers can be away from the “adult problems” of the workplace and instead focus on themselves and their relationship with other children their age. This is critical for the development of children and how it will later affect their life (Martin and Hite). Adults are children’s teachers and they are the ones setting the examples and expectations, and with mixing children in with real adult work life, it can damage how they will develop later in life in their personality. So by removing children from that situation, they can focus on themselves, their education, and their important

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